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 THANK YOU so much .....The quality of the mugs is amazing !! There will be future orders from us . I will not hesitate to speak to others about your Abbey. - Charles in Delaware
Thank you for letting me know it has been shipped. I am not worried about the packing slip.
I am so looking forward to getting the bread.  My grandmother made us toast from this bread when I was a child.  She use to buy it at a local Kroger store and it isn't available there now as far as I know.   I was happy to learn from my sister she found you on the internet so we can order it. I hope I can toast it as well as she did.  It will at the very least bring me very happy memories of the time I spent with her. Thanks again! - Rita  in IL
Hi, just a short note to tell you how much my family & I just love your products; too many to list here! They are always on our grocery lists. Please continue your fine work for your loyal customers! Thanks for your time & have a wonderful day - .L Giampietro -New York 


Simply stated---your bread is the very best---ANYWHERE!!! - C Chop - Florida

 I just received my first order of bread and it is almost as good as it was when I was a kid, the only thing that could make it better is if my Grandmother  was toasting and buttering it for me. Growing up, all my brothers, sisters and cousins had Monk’s bread toast and butter for breakfast when we spent the night at Grandma’s house. It was the most wonderful treat and a favorite memory for all of us (twelve total). As I grew up (now almost 44 years of age), Monk’s bread has been harder and harder to find, and impossible in the KC metro area where I live. I assumed, incorrectly, that it was discontinued or out of business. A few weeks ago,  I searched  on the computer ,Monk’s bread, and was thrilled when I found that old familiar blue wrapper with the Monk on it. I have my first, but not my last order. My sisters are anxiously awaiting to hear from me about my order, so do not be surprised when you start getting orders form  Illinois,  and  Missouri, well, actually a whole lot of orders from Missouri, because the word is going out to all the brothers and cousins as well.  - P. Hart  -MO

I have visited your website and loved reading about your monastery, the web tour and your shop. I am very grateful for all of you, the work you do, and your prayers. When I sit to do my rosary, please know I am saying a prayer of thanksgiving for you and all you do, not just the bread. A simple loaf of bread brings back to many wonderful  - PJ in MO

I wanted to let you know that I placed a Mothers Day order  She did receive it and burst into tears with happiness to receive your products.  She wanted me to contact you and let you know how fresh and wonderful everything was.  (She almost ate the soap I ordered!  not knowing you had other products than bread!)  She is 80 yrs. old and all of you made her mothers day and I thank you for that!  God Bless you! - Andrea in PA

 I just wanted to thank you all for your marvelous products.  My husband and I have been enjoying them for several years but when I recently received your email about Mother’s Day I decided to send a package to her.  My mother thanked me profusely for the gift saying that it was so thoughtful – she and my father really enjoyed it.  I think it had special meaning to them as well since we are a devote Catholic family.  Just wanted to send a note of thanks and a wish to keep up the good work.  - Kim in PA

 I would like to take the time to thank you for the loaf of bread that you so kindly sent with my order. That was very nice indeed. I love your products and also want to let you know that you're service is great. Thanks again for all that you do. Have a great day and peace. Rachel- in MI