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Shipping Information

 Hopefully Helpful Information  

- We are in New York and we bake bread 3 days a week ( usually Tues., Thurs. and Sat)  Our main baking/shipping day is Tuesday but we do ship on other days.

All orders not shipped on Tuesday will be shipped ASAP depending on contents (perishables), distance to be shipped and shipping method used.

-We use UPS and USPS Priority Mail, and Federal Express  We reserve the right to change shipping carriers if this will get the order delivered sooner or more reliably ( never later than carrier selected by customer, no extra cost involved although occasionly mistakes do happen and a selected carrier may be faster than what we chose, it doesnt happen often, but it has happend )

NOTE: IF you  absolutely need a "no later" delivery day please email:  customerservice@monksbread.com , call: 1 877 264-6785 or both,  and/or note it in the " Comment to Staff " box during checkout. Otherwise we will do our best to honor your "Preferred Delivery Date" if you choose one.