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South Wedge Soap 4 Bars

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Choose any Four(4) bars of South Wedge Soap. Each Bar Is 4oz and comes wrapped in scent proof packaging.


Favor your skin naturally with handcrafted soap made from ingredients traditionally used for skin care by indigenous cultures worldwide. We utilize food grade seed and nut oils, floral and herbal essential oils, natural plant materials, and high purity water extracts thereof. Each bar incorporates at least one ingredient tenderly grown in the “South Wedge” of Rochester, New York, a prized horticultural area for the last hundred years. Remaining flora are purchased from cultivated sustainably farmed sources, not robbed from the wild. The base oils are made into soap by the energy efficient cold process which retains the natural glycerin yielding a softer texture soap than commercial hot process bars. Our soap contains neither animal by-products, synthetic fragrance, nor detergents. Recycled paper and cellulose film packaging is thoroughly biodegradable.

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