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The Tangled Braid

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(Translated by our Br. Isaac ) The Tangled Braid offers a fresh and distinctive translation of one of the world’s supreme spiritual poets – Hafiz of Shiraz. Produced through unique collaboration between a Cistercian monk (John Slater) and a scholar of Islamic translation (Jeffrey Einboden), this collected volume combines scholarly precision with keen sensitivity to the poetic and mystic contours of the Persian original, voicing Hafiz’ esoteric verses through attractive English lines. As suggested by its title, The Tangled Braid interweaves a variety of discrete literary strands, knitting together spiritual meaning and sensual image; Muslim source and Western reader; classical Persian verse and modern English poetics. This translation aims to wed aesthetics and erudition, presenting a work of pleasure that is also intellectually enriching and spiritually invigorating. Generated through conversation and exchange, these poetic translations provide an authentic means of crossing religious and cultural borders, admitting contemporary audiences into the illimitable world of Persian Sufism. 124 pages 8.7 x 5.9 x 0.5 inches